Chromic Gut


  • Absorbable suture.
  • Monofilament thread.
  • Collagen.
  • Absorbed within 90 days through the process of proteolytic enzymatic digestion, depending on the patient’s biological defense condition.

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    Chromic catgut is treated with a chromium salt solution to resist the body’s enzymes, extending absorption time to over 90 days. Chromic catgut sutures minimize tissue irritation, causing less reaction than plain surgical gut during the early stages of wound healing. Tensile strength can be delayed from 10 to 14 days, with some measurable strength remaining for up to 21 days.

    Other Features

    • Color: brown
    • Thread size: from 6/0 to 0 USP.
    • Sterile product.
    • Available in boxes of 12 or 36 units.

    Recommended Procedures

    • Short-term suturing in skin and mucous membranes: General Surgery.


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