Ultra Biomesh


Dimensions in Centimeters

  • 15 x 15 cm. —– 6” x 6”

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    The new Biomesh Ultra surgical meshes are made of polypropylene (non-absorbable material) and PGA – Polyglycolic Acid and PCL – Polycaprolactone (absorbable material).

    After the absorption of polyglycolic acid through the hydrolysis process, the polypropylene mesh (whose structure is designed to withstand physiological stresses) will remain in the body. This degradation of PGA – PCL produces the lightest mesh on the market (30 g/m2) with good tensile strength (32 kgf).


    • High tensile strength with the least amount of foreign bodies in the patient (30 g/m2).
    • Excellent flexibility after absorption (soft and light mesh).
    • Better tissue integration due to large pores.


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