Braided Black Nylon


  • Non-absorbable nylon suture.
  • Commonly known by the trade name Ethilon.
  • Monofilament thread.
  • Suture made with long-chain aliphatic nylon polymers.
  • Not absorbed; Gradually encapsulated by tissue.

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    Braided Black Nylon: non-absorbable synthetic suture composed of long-chain aliphatic polymer, Nylon 6 and 6-6. It is a suture of similar use but with higher strength and less tissue reaction than silk sutures. This non-absorbable synthetic suture has high tensile strength, minimal tissue reaction, excellent elasticity, smooth tissue passage, and is ultimately encapsulated by connective tissue. Additionally, it provides excellent knot security.

    Braided Black Nylon is a non-absorbable synthetic multifilament braided surgical suture, with a coating that facilitates maneuverability. The inflammatory reaction produced by the non-absorbable Braided Black Nylon suture in the tissue is minimal; it is resistant to organic enzymes and, being extracted in non-capillary monofilament threads, does not facilitate bacterial growth. Although it is a non-absorbable suture, it disintegrates by hydrolysis at a rate of 15-20% per year. Its multifilament braided structure provides greater security and firmness to knotting.

    Other Characteristics

    • Color: black.
    • Gauge: from 10/0 to 2/0 USP.
    • Sterilization with ethylene oxide.
    • Boxes of 12 or 36 units.

    Recommended Procedures

    • Used for tissue approximation and ligations.
    • Cardiovascular, ophthalmic, microsurgery, neurosurgery.
    • Skin closure.
    • Other surgeon considerations.


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