Black Braided Silk


  • Non-absorbable silk suture.
  • Commonly known by the trade name Perma-hand.
  • Thread strand.
  • Made of an organic fibroin protein.
  • Not absorbed; Gradually encapsulated by tissue.

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    Braided Black Silk: non-absorbable natural origin suture, consisting of an organic protein called Fibroin, and its raw material is a filament spun by the silkworm larva to make its chrysalis. High technology used in the braiding of this suture ensures a compact thread with high tensile strength, providing a longer period of tissue support. It is possibly the most easy-to-handle and knot material.

    Braided Black Silk is a non-absorbable multifilament braided surgical suture of animal origin, with a silicone coating that limits absorption and minimizes tissue reaction. This absorbable suture is composed of the natural protein fiber produced by the silkworm. Its ease of handling supports twisting and braiding. The Silk strands are treated with waxes and/or silicone to reduce capillarity, and they are dyed black for improved visibility.

    Other Characteristics

    • Color: black.
    • Metric: from 7/0 to 2 USP.
    • Sterilization with ethylene oxide.
    • Boxes of 12 or 36 units.

    Recommended Procedures

    • Used for tissue approximation and ligations.
    • Cardiovascular, ophthalmic, neurosurgery, dental surgery.
    • Other surgeon considerations.


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