Antibacterial Polyglycolic Acid


  • Fast-absorbing sutures.
  • Multifilament thread.
  • Polyglactin 370 coated with glycolide and lactic acid polymer, calcium stearate, and triclosan.
  • Absorption through hydrolysis between 56 and 70 days.

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    Antibacterial polyglycolic acid sutures are coated with a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent and will perform in the same manner as a synthetic, absorbable suture, following the same treatment and conditions. This type of suture behaves similarly to regular synthetic absorbable sutures. It comprises a polyglactin core coated with polyglycolic plastic 370 and triclosan coated with calcium stearate. Antibacterial polyglycolic acid sutures create an effective inhibition zone against the pathogens that commonly cause surgical site infections, which can be problematic for healthcare facilities by increasing treatment costs and hospitalization days, as well as requiring medical professionals to perform additional surgeries on patients.

    Other Features

    • Color: violet
    • Thread size: from 8/0 to 2 USP
    • Ethylene oxide sterilization
    • Available in boxes of 12 or 36 units

    Recommended Procedures

    • General surgery, plastic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, gynecology-obstetrics, gastrointestinal, episiorrhaphy, urology, traumatology, gastrointestinal/gastroenterology, general closure, ligatures, pediatrics, and cuticular procedures. Not recommended for use on cardiovascular and neurological tissues.

    Tensile Strength Retention


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