Polypropylene: non absorbable synthetic suture; it is very smooth and triggers a minimal acute inflammatory reaction, and also has an excellent tensile strength. When infection occurs, this suture is not involved in the process, which makes it suitable to be used in contaminated wounds.


Polypropylene is a non-absorbable synthetic monofilament surgical suture. This suture is not subject to degradation or loss of strength caused by the enzymatic action of the tissues. It is a synthetic thread which retains its original strength for years, so it is convenient in procedures requiring high strength for a long time. It is much more flexible than other sutures, easy to handle and, because of its high tensile strength and controlled elongation, it is a suture able to secure the approximation of the tissue’s edges until they heal.


  • The Polypropylene synthetic surgical suture is indicated in general closure, herniorrhaphy, plastic / reconstructive surgery, urology and pediatrics. In addition, Polypropylene is particularly useful in cardiovascular surgery, especially as it is non-thrombogenic, and supporting the heart’s propulsion. By not adhering to the tissues, this synthetic suture is also ideal in areas which it must be subsequently withdrawn from (skin).


  • Color: blue.
  • Boxes per 12 and 36 units.
  • Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide. .

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