Polyglecaprone: synthetic absorbable suture composed by a copolymer of glycolic acid and caprolactone, which causes minimal tissue reaction, enables smooth passage through tissue and has an excellent resistance to the initial stress. It has a low incidence of infection and trauma, and its strength is up to 60% greater than Gut sutures. This suture is useful in procedures involving tissues whose critical recovery period is relatively short.


Polyglecaprone is a synthetic absorbable suture of monofilament structure that meets the requirements of the USP except for diameter which is ruled by the British Pharmacopoeia. It is degraded by hydrolysis, which causes the polymer to be transformed into adipic acid, which is then absorbed and metabolized by the body. The synthetic absorbable suture of Polyglecaprone loses the initial tensile strength at 28 days after implantation, and its absorption is essentially complete between 90 and 120 days.


  • Polyglecaprone sutures are indicated for use in general approximation of soft tissue and / or tissues of short recovery, gastric, gynecology and obstetrics, plastic, urology, among other uses which are suitable for absorbable sutures
  • The use of this suture is contraindicated in patients with known sensitivity or allergy to its components. As a synthetic suture, it shall not be used when the tissue support is needed for prolonged periods.


  • Polyglecaprone thread is available in violet color and colorless.
  • Boxes per 12 and 36 units.
  • Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.

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