Plain Gut: absorbable sutures of (animal) natural origin, with a composition of 97 to 98% pure collagen obtained from the serous of sheep (ovine) and the sub-mucous of beef (bovine). It is quickly absorbed by enzymatic reaction that increases the risk for tissue reaction compared with inorganic materials, and the tensile strength is maintained up to 10 days. The absorption of this surgical suture of natural origin ends in 70 days.


The Simple Catgut is a natural-animal absorbable suture of twisted multifilament structure/monofilament. Contributes to develop a knot with high tensile strength. The absorption mechanism of this suture is phagocytosis: being digested by the enzymes in the body, and completely reabsorbed in a term of 70 to 90 days. The excellent handling of this thread provides a highly safe knot.


  • Plain Catgut absorbable suture is indicated in general closure, gastrointestinal tract surgery, ligatures, cuticles, pediatrics and general surgery. It is indicated in all surgical procedures, especially those in tissues that regenerate quickly
  • As an absorbable suture of quick absorption, it should not be used when requiring an approximation of tissues for long periods. Special precaution in patients with cancer, anemia or malnutrition, because they tend to easily absorb the sutures.


  • Simple Catgut thread in bright yellow – beige.
  • Box with 12 or 36 units.
  • Sterile product.

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