Chromic Catgut: absorbable suture of natural origin, with a composition of 97 to 98% pure collagen obtained from the intestinal mucous of sheep (ovine) and the intestinal serous of beef (bovine). The threads are treated with chromic salts to enhance its resistance to tissue liquid enzymes, giving a coating that extend its integrity and absorption time, developing a proper healing. This suture has a tensile strength that maintains from 14 to 21 days.


Chromic Catgut is a monofilament, absorbable suture of natural origin, which is reabsorbed by enzymatic action, and that increases the risk of tissue reaction compared to inorganic materials. The absorption is by phagocytosis, where it is digested by enzymes of the body.  This suture has a high tensile strength in the tie down, good safety and firmness in the knot and excellent quality for handling. This surgical suture is appropriate for joining tissues that need to regenerate quickly.


  • Chromic Catgut absorbable suture is indicated in general closure, ophthalmic surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics, gynecology, episiotomy, general surgery, urology, gastrointestinal tract surgery, cuticles and ligatures.
  • Not suitable in cardiovascular surgery and neurosurgery. Furthermore, this absorbable suture is contraindicated in patients sensitive to chromium and collagen. Not indicated for procedures that require joining tissues for a long period.


  • Chromic Catgut thread in brown color.
  • Boxes with12 or 36 units.
  • Sterile Product.

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