Black Braided Silk: non absorbable suture of natural origin, which consists of an organic protein called Fibroin, and its raw material is a filament spun by the silkworm larva to make its chrysalis. The high technology employed at braiding this suture ensures a compact thread with high tensile strength, which provides a longer period of tissue support. It is, possibly, the easiest suture material to handle and knot.


Black Braided Silk is a non absorbable multifilament surgical suture of animal origin, and has a silicone coating which limits the absorption and minimizes tissue reaction. This absorbable suture is composed of natural protein fiber produced by the silkworm. Its ease of handling admits twisting and braiding. Silk threads are treated with waxes and / or silicone to reduce its capillarity, and are stained black to promote their visibility.


  • Black Braided Silk surgical suture is indicated in general surgical procedures, plastic surgery, dental surgery, ophthalmic surgery, gastroenterology, gastrointestinal, cuticular closure, skin, general closure, cardiovascular, obstetrics / gynecology, episiotomy, neurosurgery and ligatures.
  • As a non absorbable suture is not recommended in urological procedures, because it can facilitate the formation of stones around the suture, which is a characteristic of braided non-absorbable materials. Not to be used in areas of infection or contamination.


  • Color: black.
  • Boxes per 12 and 36 units.
  • Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.

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