The BioMesh Dual no-absorbable meshes, not deformable, composed for two faces, one face of 100% polypropylene, micro-perforated nonwoven and another face of silicone, both sides thermofused.

Free of strange particles, it recovers its initial shape after manipulation. It can be of rounded or straight edges

Biocompatibility tests

  • Cytotoxicity (*): No Cytotoxicity (ISO 10993-5)
  • Sensitization (*): Hypoallergenic (ISO 10993-10)
  • Implementation (*): Not Irritable (ISO 10993-6)
  • Genotoxicity (*): Non-mutagenic (ISO 10993-3)
  • Toxicity (*): Non-toxic (ISO 10993-11)

(*)Tests carried out in the development of the product)

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