Antibacterial Polyglycolic Acid: synthetic absorbable sutures coated by a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent, which creates an effective inhibition zone against pathogen agents frequently causing surgical site infections. These type of sutures have the same behavior than the regular synthetic absorbable sutures, having a composite plastic coated polyglactin 370 and calcium stearate coating Triclosan.


The Antibacterial Polyglycolic Acid is a braided multifilament absorbable suture with antibacterial synthetic coating with the same behavior, handling and conditions as the common synthetic absorbable sutures. It degrades by chemical hydrolysis between 56 to 70 days. It has a longer absorption period giving a lower inflammatory reaction, an excellent handling with ease and safety in the knotting and tensile strength.


  • These type of sutures are appropriate for ligatures and approaching soft tissues.
  • Not suitable for ophthalmic, cardiovascular and neurological tissues.


  • Color: violet.
  • Thread size: from 5/0 to 2 USP.
  • Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.
  • Boxes with12 or 36 units.

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