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Our Certifications
Guarantee our Quality

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One by One Quality Control


According to USP norm (United States Pharmacopea)

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Professionals supported by
cutting edge technology



Higher tensile strength

We Improve the attachment resistance of the thread with needle (10% over the USP requirement).

Siliconized Needles

Sutures with siliconized needles let you a better experience with lower tensile strength.

U-filo Technologies

Which provides appropriate behavior causing minimal tissue reaction.

European certification

We have the european community's CE 1023 certification.

Best sutures around the world

Vital Sutures

We are a company that manufactures and markets medical devices for periodic replacement to improve of people’s life. Among the various devices, we produce sutures in our plant, which internationally renowned for the quality of the final product and technology development for the manufacture of needles, unprecedented in the region.
The continued interest in improving the effectiveness of the products we manufacture for use in surgical procedures, respiratory emergencies and low temperature sterilization leads to work under the premise of continuous improvement and innovation, fulfilling the requirements of Good Practices manufacturing and quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, which also led us to obtain the FDA approval to market our absorbable surgical sutures in the US market and get the CE 1023 european certification.


To consolidate our global presence supplying quality products as well as to contribute with solutions to people’s health.
Reach worldwide prestige. Generate welfare to our employees and society in general.
To help improve people’s health providing high quality medical devices and pharmaceutical products.